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 Für Händler, Industrie und Gewerbekunden bieten wir interessante Staffelpreise an, bitte fordern Sie gegen Vorlage eines Gewerbenachweises unsere Händlerpreislisten an.

ie können uns selbstverständlich gerne  unter:  office@kempf-klebstoffprodukte.de eine Anfrage senden

Welcome to our online Shop! Kempf Industrial Adhesives are are used in industry (e.g. automobile and plastics industry, sports articles, model making, photo-optical industry, dental engineering), by various types of crafts and workshops and for domestic purposes.
You will find an english description below the german product information. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask, you can send us an mail with your questions via the contact form on top of the page. Every item you order, comes with an detailed english Manual.

If you are located outside Germany please contact us trough email. We will inform you about a local dealer in your area for the desired products.

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