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Kempf Industrial Adhesives - Industrial Adhesion Technology
Anja Kempf, Postfach 1225, 96465 Neustadt / Germany

Product overwiew
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Kempf Industriekleber (Industrial Adhesive) is most suitable for all connections with a high accuracy of fit. In combination with our filler, gaps can be bridged, defective spots and material losses can be compensated and new structures capable to withstand loads can be created. Adhesive joints reinforced with filler can be machined and coated shortly after.

Kempf Filler ( Füllstoff) is a compact-grained adhesion-enhancing special granulated material to improve the filling properties of industrial adhesives.
Good gap filling ability, reaction in a matter of seconds and capable to withstand stress after
Applications: all fine- and large-pored cracks and spall fractures of metal, wood, china, ceramics, plastics, rubber, etc. Surfaces to be bonded have to be clean and free from oil and grease.

Kempf Industriekleber Gel Due to its specific viscosity, Kempf Industriekleber Gel is a special adhesive with lightly gap-filling characteristics. Kempf Industriekleber Gel has the same characteristics as our liquid Industriekleber, but the viscosity is significantly higher and, therefore, can be applied even to vertical and overhead surfaces without dripping.
Even highly absorptive and porous materials can be optimally bonded with the gel. Gaps and joints of up to approx. 0.3 mm can be filled and compensated with this highly viscous compound.

Kempf UV-KLEBER (glass adhesive) is a special acrylate adhesive hardening under UV light and is used for the direct and permanent bonding of glass and crystal (lead crystal). Applications are, for instance: glass-to-glass bonding, glass-to-metal bonding, bonding of glass to various plastics, bonding of interior mirrors and brake lights as well as repair and restoration of articles of daily use and antiques.

Kempf Epoxid Industriekitt Two-component putty for quick repair
Easy to form and match the contours of the part to be repaired. As hard as metal. Resistant up to 300°C. Handling strength reached after 20 minutes. Full curing after 3 hours. Free from asbestos. Fills holes, score marks, scratches and cracks (e.g. in tanks, drums, pipes, etc.). Suitable for drilling, tapping, sand-blasting, sawing and coating. Adheres to various types of material such as metal, steel, wood, plastics, concrete and ceramics even when the substrate is moist. Can also be used underwater.

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